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Utah basketball falls to Oregon State

The Beavers had entered the game with a league worst 1-8 record.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports


The momentum did not carry over from Utah's victory over Colorado. The Runnin' Utes, in probably the easiest road game remaining this season, dropped a 82-64 decision to the Oregon St. Beavers - a team that, prior to tonight's game, sat alone in last place in the conference.

Because the Beavers won, though, Utah is now back in a spot they've known all too well this season and, once again, can't string together two-consecutive wins. A big victory, sadly, can't be used as a springboard to more success.

But hey, at least Brandon Taylor had a good game. The freshman is really proving to be a potential star and tonight, he played well, scoring a career high 21 points. Jarred DuBois chipped in for 20.

Other than those two, though? It's hard to find a positive. Jason Washburn was a non-factor, which is unfortunate since he really looked like he was turning the corner as a senior earlier in the season. Jordan Loveridge shot badly, but so did the entire team, and Cedric Martin - well, where the hell did he go?

This was not a very good game. Utah looked pretty listless throughout, shooting badly in the first and second and never really were in contention when halftime ended.

It's a disappointing loss because not only have they failed to once again capitalize on a solid victory, but they lost to a pretty bad team. And now, they've got to go take on Oregon this Saturday, a team who's tied at the top of the conference.

At this rate, Utah will have serious trouble even matching last year's Pac-12 win total.

It seems the only way Utah can win nowadays is if they're honoring a deceased coach.

Hey, how's Jerry Pimm doing these days?

I kid, of course.