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Utes look to upset Oregon in Eugene

The Ducks enter tonight's contest on a three-game losing streak.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Oregon, who once sat atop the Pac-12, has kind of fizzled as of late - losing their last three games. That's good news and bad for Utah. The good news is that it shows the Ducks, who beat Utah 94-48 in their last meeting, are beatable ... even at home (the Buffaloes, who Utah beat, won there Thursday). The bad news is that this is a team in dire need of victory and, unfortunately, are probably focusing in on the struggling Utes as a chance to get that victory.

So, I guess, in the end, it all cancels out and, as it's been most this season, Utah enters a road contest as heavy underdogs.

I don't know if Utah's going to win ... but it'd be nice to see a better performance than Thursday against the Beavers. And hopefully, tonight doesn't resemble the Utes' last visit to Eugene, which, as I said, was a monumental blowout of epic proportions.

Here's to Utah pulling the upset and winning their third conference game of the season.