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Utes end losing streak with win over Oregon State

Utah bests last year's Pac-12 record, claws way out of the conference cellar.

Douglas C. Pizac-USA Today Sports


See! Winning is fun! Now if only Utah could get into the routine of it.

I thought these final two home games were important if for nothing else than to allow the Utes to improve on their conference win total from last season. They have. It's extra nice when you couple it with a potential victory this Saturday against Oregon - a team Utah played competitively in Eugene earlier in the season.

But this win was maybe more impressive than a victory over the Ducks could prove to be because there is absolutely no excuse for Utah to lose to a team like Oregon State. The Beavers, like Utah, aren't good and absolutely destroyed the Utes not too long ago. If you're going to make the leap to 'average', you've got to beat the teams that aren't better than you are ... especially when they're in an increasingly small quantity (the only other foe in Utah's position is Washington State - another team the Utes lost to).

So, tonight was a huge step in the right direction. It snapped a losing streak, pulled the team out of the cellar of the conference and gave Larry Krystkowiak a win over a team he had yet to defeat in his two seasons here. Sure, it's only Oregon State - but a win is a win is a win ... right?

I'm happy.