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University under scrutiny over handling of abuse

Students and parents are now claiming they approached the athletic department with accusations of improper conduct from former Utah head swimming coach Greg Winslow.

George Frey

Utah athletics has come under fire for apparently ignoring the claims of parents and students in regards to former swimming coach Greg Winslow - who was fired last week after allegations of improper conduct with a fifteen year old during his time at Arizona State surfaced.

Yahoo! Sports is reporting that parents and students here in Utah made complaints about Winslow's abusive actions to the University that have been, according to them, ignored by the school. Winslow had been the center of an athletic investigation in the past for his treatment of players, however, the school decided not to take disciplinary actions. One former player, in the Yahoo! article, called that a, "sham of an investigation".

This story certainly changes the dynamics of the situation here at Utah. When news broke of Winslow's past indiscretions, there was little indication of problems locally. However, that appears to have changed and now puts athletic director Chris Hill, who possibly sat by and ignored the concerns, in a pretty damning bind.

To be sure, it does not appear the allegations at Utah are of the sexual nature, however, it does raise questions as to why the University didn't investigate these claims thoroughly - especially with so many former and current players coming forward with information on these abusive allegations.

Obviously this is not conduct the University should endorse and hopefully Hill and others explain why the University did not feel it appropriate to discipline Winslow. I don't think Hill purposely covered up anything here and a move that extreme seems illogical when dealing with a sport such as swimming. But there is the possibility of neglect and ignorance and that can't be condoned, even if it's not as malicious as a cover-up. Hopefully there is a valid explanation for all this and more allegations do not arise because that will only muddle an already ugly situation.

Right now, though, all we can do is sit back and wait for more information.