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Former Ute Steve Smith works with current Utes

The Carolina Panther wide receiver helped teach technique.


Steve Smith remains one of my favorite former Utes. Not only has he proven a fantastic football player, he's also been a great ambassador for the football program - often sporting Utah gear when being interviewed by the national media.

Smith, who has played his entire pro career with the Carolina Panthers, came to Utah via Santa Monica College, and though his career with the Utes was a bit underwhelming when you consider his success in the NFL (his last season, Utah went 4-7), he's still one of the greats to pass through Salt Lake City.

Wednesday, he stopped by his former school and worked with some of the Utes' receivers - a position that certainly has been suspect recently.

I think it's just great. I love when former players interact with the current ones - especially big names like Smith (and Jamal Anderson). Utah's history might not be at the level of other Pac-12 teams, but there is still an impressive list of former players and Smith certainly is toward the top of it.

Keith McGill tweeted out his visit with Smith:

Here's Smith working with the players:

Not a bad way to inspire some current Utes.

Smith is in Utah because he'll be honored by the Alumni Association.

It was also released today that Star Lotulelei won't be traveling to New York for this month's draft, and instead will watch it from his home with friends and family.

Utah resumes their spring practice Thursday at 3:00.