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With spring camp entering final week, how do you feel?

Utah football held its final scrimmage Saturday and enter the final week of spring camp. Do you think the team has made progress?

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Utah will host its annual spring game this Saturday and pretty much wrap up spring ball. It'll be the last football we'll see on campus until fall camp opens later this summer. But has Utah made progress these last few weeks? Do you feel better about this year's team or are there still too many questions left to answer?

In Saturday's scrimmage, the final before the Red/White Game, both Travis Wilson and Adam Schulz struggled a bit - with neither really looking all that impressive. Wilson, who started out slow, rebounded and finished the day 10 of 21 with a touchdown pass. He also, though, threw an interception. Schulz was 7 of 11, but failed to pass for a touchdown. Brandon Cox, who has maybe had the strongest spring of any of the quarterbacks, sat out due to injury and is likely not going to return the remainder of spring ball.

While you don't want to read too much into spring development, Wilson's stagnation is a concern. He'll remain the number one guy, especially since I don't think Schulz has done enough to make a run at the starting spot, but I was hoping for him to really step up this spring and it hasn't happened - he's been middling, at best - at least in the scrimmages.

That latter point is important because in terms of overall improvement, word has been solid on Wilson. He looks much better during practices, but, for whatever reason, he hasn't been able to transition that into a scrimmage.

One of the break out players this spring has been Karl Williams, who finished Saturday's scrimmage with 101 yards and two touchdowns. Williams won't get the start, but running back depth is going to be important and I suspect he, along with Lucky Radley, will push to back up Kelvin York, who has been battling injury much of camp. York finished the day with 7 carries for 35 yards and a touchdown - showing that talent at this position could easily hold after the departure of John White IV.

So, now that we're entering the final week of camp, are you seeing the progress you hoped to see? I don't know about that. I think this team still looks like a team that could struggle to find six wins. But that's not a surprise, since that's exactly the team they were last year. Fortunately, there is still enough time to get out all the kinks and I never really expected perfection this early.

But I'm also not convinced we're ready to make the leap to being a respectable Pac-12 team this season.

We'll see, though.