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Quinton Pedroza has been dismissed from the program

The wide receiver has been let go after violating unspecified team rules.


Quinton Pedroza, the junior wide receiver who was expected to play a big role in Utah's uncertain offense this season, has been dismissed from the team for violating team rules. At this point, what he violated isn't clear, but what is clear is this is a pretty big development - one that handicaps an already questionable Utah offense.

Obviously, if he's been dismissed, the violations are pretty severe, as this doesn't appear to be a simple suspension (which we saw last year with Brian Blechen, who was suspended for reportedly failing a drug test). So, what does this mean for Utah going forward? Well they just got a bit thinner at wide receiver - especially with the added loss of X'avier Shepherd, who could have trouble qualifying - and whenever you're making adjustments on offense (whether schematically or talent-wise), news like this is never easy to take.

Hopefully Pedroza can learn from his mistakes and find a future somewhere else. But at the moment, it doesn't appear that future exists with the Utes.