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NCAA Football '14 gives us the Pac-12 results before a game is played

Who needs to watch the games when you've got NCAA Football '14?


Okay, so, yesterday, panic consumed the internet world as news leaked the NCAA would sever ties with EA Sport's NCAA Football 2014. It was a development that seemed unfathomable - one of the most popular sports titles ever on the verge of disappearing. It's not. Fortunately, the NCAA license doesn't have anything to do with individual conference, bowl and school licenses. EA can continue developing its college football title, though just without the 'NCAA' brand.

No biggie.

Anyway, we're closing in on the start of the 2013 season and what better way to commemorate that than by running some simulations to see how the Pac-12 season shakes out? We've done just that.

Andrew Gorringe, who helps run the fantastic Utah recruiting website Inside the Utes, helped me out a bit (I don't own the game yet) by running a simulation of the season and here's his results:

Conference Overall Top-25
Oregon 7-3 11-3 #17
Stanford 4-5 5-7
Oregon State 4-5 6-7
Washington 3-6 6-7
California 3-6 4-8
Washington State 2-7 4-8
UCLA 7-3 10-4 #23
USC 6-3 8-5
Utah 5-4 8-5 #21
Arizona State 5-4 7-6
Colorado 5-4 6-7
Arizona 4-5 8-5
Champ: UCLA over Oregon

Sun Bowl: Utah over Clemson
New Mexico Bowl: Arizona over Wyoming
Las Vegas Bowl: Boise over Arizona State
Holiday Bowl: Baylor over USC
Russell Athletic Bowl: North Carolina over Oregon State
Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: UConn over Colorado
Alamo Bowl: Oregon over Kansas State
Compass Bowl: Maryland over Washington
Rose Bowl: Nebraska over UCLA

Opponent Outcome
Utah State W
Weber State W
Oregon State L
Stanford W
@ Arizona L
Arizona State W
@ Oregon L
@ Washington State W
Colorado W

So, in the EA Universe, Utah finishes ranked, wins another Sun Bowl and the Pac-12 North suddenly implodes on itself. Seriously, what's the deal with Stanford? Oh yeah, and Colorado begins its climb back to relevance - making a bowl game ... not bad.

Clearly this simulation is unlikely to become reality. But I'm guessing most Utah fans would take something similar from the Utes - you know, a ranked season and a bowl victory.

The Utes' season starts out painfully slow, though, with a 2-3 start before a win over Stanford sparks a resurgence and they finish on an impressive 5-2 tear. Knowing Utah's penchant for slow starts, that doesn't seem implausible- though, pulling back from the brink against Stanford does.

The good: Beating USU to open the season (revenge), upsetting Stanford, knocking off USC on the road, finally getting that ASU monkey off our back, winning the Sun Bowl and finishing ranked.

The bad: Losing to Oregon State at home and BYU on the road.

All in all, I'd take that season in a heartbeat. What about you?

Again, thanks to Andrew for helping a man out. If you have some time, go check out the Utah Scout website.