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Is Colton Paulhus now a Ute?

The former CSU defensive lineman was booted from the Rams after a brutal beating of the school's students.

Doug Pensinger

UPDATE: Per the Utah athletic department, Colton Paulhus will not be playing for the Utes.

Colton Paulhus, the defensive lineman who was dismissed from the Colorado State football program after allegedly beating four students and leaving one unconscious, has announced on his Facebook page that he will be playing for the Utes in 2013. Utah has yet to comment on the matter - but I suspect there could be potential blowback from this decision.

Paulhus was not charged for the beating and rather received a far less severe charge of disorderly conduct - and so did one of the alleged victims.

Maybe there is more to this story than meets the eye. Either way, what do you make of Paulhus potentially joining the Utes?