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Pac-12 media day today

As the 2013 season nears, all eyes turn to the conference for its media day.

Stephen Dunn

I gotta admit, with how little is expected of Utah this season, I'm not that excited for media day. Last year, and the year before, it was something to look forward to for varying reasons (namely the newness and to see where the Utes would land in the preseason expectations). But it's pretty clear Utah won't be rated highly by the media, and I suspect will be selected to finish fifth in their six-team division. So, the story lines just aren't as intriguing for me compared to the past couple seasons.

Of course, the real reason to get excited is that it indicates the season is just around the corner. We're now on the last leg of the offseason! So, that's pretty damn cool, guys!

Coverage begins at 10:00 Salt Lake time and you can watch a live stream of events here or check out the action on the Pac-12 Networks. Or, you know, you can just watch the live stream below (NO CLICKING!).

Kyle Whittingham, who brought with him Jake Murphy and Trevor Reilly, is expected to speak at 12:20.