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Donate to the Polo, Gaius, and Lolo Memorial Fund

Utah freshman Gaius Vaenuku was killed in a car accident early Tuesday morning.

A memorial fund has been set up for the families of Gaius Vaenuk, Polo Manukainiu and Lolo Uhatafe, the three men who died in a car accident early Tuesday morning. Vaenuk and Manukainiu were graduates of Trinity High School in the Fort Worth suburb of Euless, Texas.

One of the survivors, Salesi Uhatafe, is also a member of the Utah football program.

The funeral for Vaenuk will be held this weekend in Texas. Kyle Whittingham, along with some of his assistant coaches, have announced they will attend.

For fans looking to help, I urge giving what you can to the fund. All proceeds will go to the families, who, most certainly, are devastated right now. If you want to help, you can donate by calling First Bank of Texas at 817-553-2500 or through fax at (817) 553-2523. If there are any Ute fans in the area of Bedford, Texas, you can also deposit the funds on-site here:

Polo, Gaius, and Lolo Memorial Fund

First Texas Bank

4201 Airport Fwy, Bedford, TX 76021