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Wilson sits as offense slumps

Whittingham opened up about his concerns as the Utes are now nearly two weeks away from the start of the season.

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE

Utah's concerns at offense once again crept into the discussion during fall camp as both Kyle Whittingham and Dennis Erickson pointed to the need to improve - and fast.

Wednesday morning's practice was not a good one for the Utes' quarterbacks, though Travis Wilson, most certainly the starter come the 29th, sat out as he healed his mild sprain. So, in that regard, at least the concern doesn't include him at the moment. Though Wilson's injury doesn't seem to be major, Whittingham floated the idea of keeping him out of the next scrimmage.

With Wilson out, Conner Manning worked with the ones, which means he may just be in the running for the backup role. Adam Schulz and Brandon Cox were left competing with the twos. Don't be surprised if Cox redshirts this season.

The Utes also received official word on Tevin Carter - he won't be here for the 2013 season. The team has moved on to other options and it's certainly a disappointing development for the defense. Carter had been trying to pass some online courses before the season began, but I'm guessing with this news, that didn't happen. Utah is now extremely thin at safety. So, this does hurt.

Utah also lost defensive tackle Stevie Tu'ikolovatu and running back Jarrell Oliver to season-ending injuries.

Basically, today's practice was a big bowl of SUCK. With tomorrow marking two weeks out from the start of the season, you get the sense the team is nowhere near where it should be to win. But fortunately, they still have two weeks. Gotta make 'em count.


Kyle Whittingham

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