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Utah football takes historic step with new football center

The new facility, the first of its kind in the state, will help elevate Utah's football program.


Years ago, when Urban Meyer took over the head job at Utah, he pleaded for a new indoor practice facility. The Utes, who had barely just moved out of the outdated and tiny Rice Stadium a few years prior, spent fall practicing in what affectionately became known as the Bubble - their old indoor practice facility that, during the winter months, could be seen from all over the valley. He got his wish, and, in 2004, right around the time the Utes were busting the BCS, the program opened the new facility.

Meyer was adamant Utah needed the facility to compete at a higher level. And while plans had existed prior to his arrival, he really spearhead the push, even though 2004 would prove to be his last season with the program. It was that type of big-time mentality that really helped advance the program and position it for a spot in the Pac-12.

Today, nearly ten years later, Utah football is once again taking a huge step forward. The completion of the new football center, said to be one of the best and nicest in the country, elevates the program beyond anything we've seen locally, and more importantly, it puts it among some of the big boys of the BCS.

It is truly an exciting and historic day for the program.

To document this day, let's take to twitter!

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