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Ohhhhh what was that? That was a win! I'll take it!

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

I expected a close game. I didn't expect the Utes to look as bad as they did in the second quarter. Not gonna lie, I was nervous that this year's team would actually be worse than last year's. However, they stepped up in the second half, made some impressive adjustments and, even though it remained close throughout, controlled much of the game (I thought, anyway). Was it a pretty win? No. Should we be concerned over things? Probably. Will I take it? Abso-fucking-lutely.

You should too.

Props to Utah for coming back and keeping their composure in a game that they could have lost by a wide margin. If the second half Utes show up the rest of the season, they'll be tough to beat.

Also, thoughts go out to Kenneth Scott, who had a season-ending injury tonight. It definitely puts a damper on the victory.

Still ... GO UTES! 1-0!


I'll take it!