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Utes see improvement in second day of camp

Kyle Whittingham was much more complimentary toward the Utes after an 'okay' practice Monday.

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Utah saw improvement in their second day of fall camp according to the head honcho himself. It's pleasing news after yesterday's camp was largely described as just being okay. Of course, I anticipate camp will ebb and flow, so, I don't think it's all smooth sailing from here on out.

The biggest buzz of Tuesday's practice seems to be surrounding Troy McCormick, the speedy running back out of Houston, Texas, which again showcases the Utes' potential depth in the offensive backfield. Kelvin York will remain the number one option, but it's interesting how much talent appears to be lined up behind him.

Brandon Cox has also carried over his strong play from spring. I am really impressed with Cox, has he's handled the transition from high school to college about as well as anyone could have ever wanted. He's turning heads and while he's not going to push Wilson for the starting job (at least I don't think so), it'll be nice to have some options at quarterback - something the program has sorely lacked since 2009.

Connor Manning also performed well, catching the eye of Bill Riley. So, again, there is definitely some depth behind Wilson.

Another freshman quarterback, Micah Thomas, saw a setback with pulled a hamstring.

Andre Lewis, who was injured in Monday's practice and expected to be back today, wasn't, as he spent it in the pit. I don't know if the reports from yesterday were accurate and he does have a pulled hamstring, or if it's nothing more than just a precaution. I guess we'll have a clearer idea in a couple days.

A lot of people have been wondering about Tevin Carter, whose name was mentioned in an official release yesterday. He was not at camp today and isn't expected to arrive for at least two weeks as the program awaits the grades from his online class.

Hopefully there isn't a snag along the way.

Utah is also awaiting the NCAA ruling regarding Gionni Paul, who, if allowed to play this season, will become an instant contributor according to Whittingham.

So, not a whole lot to report, but really, I generally find that the best news because, let's be honest, the only time there are reports, it's almost always something negative.

But there was progress and that's something. Hopefully it continues the remainder of the week.

Here's a video from the Deseret News.

Utah football: Utes show improvement in day two of fall camp, thoughts still lingering on Vaenuku (via Landon Hemsley)