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Bad news dominates day four of camp

Hooker could be forced into retirement, Brian Blechen might redshirt and Carlos Lozano has quit the team.

George Frey

Update: Reshawn Hooker will retire from football. Best of luck to him.

All right.

Remember yesterday when I said no news was pretty much good news when it came to fall camp? Yeah ... today is why I said that. A slew of bad news has dominated day four and it ain't pretty.

So, let's run it down.

Reshawn Hooker, who made headlines yesterday for his potential move to safety, might have ended his career today with his third concussion. It's a shame and I hope he still has a career, but more importantly, I hope he's going to be okay. That's all that matters right now - but I definitely feel for him. It's never easy for a talent to face the prospects of a medical retirement.

Continuing with the injury bug - Brian Blechen has tendinitis in his knees and it really proved an issue today. So much an issue, in fact, that he may be forced to redshirt. If you're the praying type, now might be the time to get on your knees and pray that Gionni Paul is allowed to play this season because right now, the Utes are looking mighty thin at linebacker.

Finally, Carlos Lozano has quit the team. The issues revolve around his inability to get his weight under control. I don't know if he'll come back, but at the moment, it looks like he's done.

I guess I didn't knock on wood hard enough yesterday.


That's not to say all of Thursday was bad. Kyle Whittingham said Travis Wilson had his best day of camp. So, there's that. Also Kenneth Scott and Dres Anderson continue to prove they're the cream of the crop at the receivers position. But definitely the news on Hooker and Blechen put a damper on any progress made today.

Hopefully tomorrow is much more positive.