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Holy War predictions

Who wins Saturday?

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

All right...time for some predictions. Who you got?

This is a game that I can see playing out two different ways - either it's going to turn into a shootout or both teams gut it out in a low scoring affair. Either way, my hope is that Utah is victorious come Saturday night (or maybe Sunday morning).

I'm really interested to see how Taysom Hill looks against the Utes' questionable defense. He wrecked Texas, who looked like they had never seen the read-option before, but did so on the ground and not through the air. Utah's biggest weakness on defense is, of course, their pass defense - as Oregon State pretty much blew up their secondary. Is Hill good enough to torch Utah with his suspect passing game?

That might be decide Saturday's game. I'm confident in Utah's offense, and I do believe Travis Wilson will continue his extraordinary season, but to win, the Utes will need to get some stops - something they couldn't do last week against the Beavers.

Ultimately, I foresee victory. I believe Utah is the better team, and even though the game is down in Provo, it's important to point out that BYU has only won three times there the past twenty years against the Utes.

But this isn't a guarantee. And because of that, I wouldn't be shocked if the Cougars won.

Still, I like Utah's chances. I think they'll come out firing after last week's emotionally tough loss and win 38-28 - or something similar.

So, what's your prediction for Saturday?