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Pac-12 roundup: Oregon State is Oregon State

Okay, Oregon State. That was not a good start to the season.

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Oregon State is a team that apparently can't handle hype well. Last year, no one expected much of anything from 'em and they went out and produced one of the best seasons of the Mike Riley era. So of course they would lose to a FCS team just when everyone was buying into the program again.

Sound familiar?

Yeah ... sadly, I think that's how Utah often operates.

But the Beavers really disappointed. I get Eastern Washington is one of the better FCS teams (maybe the best), but there still should be a gap between the best the FCS has to offer and the supposed best of the FBS. If Oregon State really is a top-25 team, which I think they may have the potential to be, losing these types of games is unacceptable - especially when you factor in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Sure, the Beavers surprised last year, but was it enough to fully vanquish the memories of the two seasons before that?

I don't know. Only Oregon State fans will have the answer. But I'm guessing many are having flashbacks to the last season they opened with a loss to a FCS school. Hopefully these Beavers can rebound, something the '11 team couldn't do, but if they don't, much of the progress Riley made last year will be lost.

Team of the Week: Washington. Way to break in a new stadium, Huskies!

Team of the Weak: Oregon State. Yikes.

Pac-12 Power Poll

Pac-12 North:

1. Stanford Cardinal (0-0): Didn't play this weekend, so, who knows if this'll hold. They do open the season against San Jose State, who gave 'em quite the game last year. I have a feeling this season's opener will go much easier for the Cardinal, though.

2. Oregon Ducks (1-0): Ho-hum win over a FCS team. Chip Kelly who?

3. Washington Huskies (1-0): If the Huskies play like they did Saturday the remainder of the season, they're going to be a force in the Pac-12 North.

4. Washington St. Cougars (0-1): Sure, the Cougars lost on the road to Auburn ... but it was a competitive defeat. That didn't always happen last year. So, maybe Mike Leach is finally getting things turned around.

5. California Golden Bears (0-1): I thought the Bears, all things considered, played well enough against a tough Northwestern team. Still, they've got a lot of room for improvement.

6. Oregon St. Beavers (0-1): I don't think the Beavers are the worst team in the Pac-12 North, but they sure played like it this past weekend.

Pac-12 South:

1. UCLA Bruins (1-0): Nevada kept things interesting for a bit, but UCLA so far looks like the class of the division.

2. USC Trojans (1-0): It was not a pretty win ... but at least they won. I'm not sure what to make of USC. I wouldn't be surprised if they contended for ten games ... and I wouldn't be surprised if they finished with a losing record.

3. Arizona St. Sun Devils (0-0): No game this past week for the Sun Devils. This week isn't much of a challenge, either, as they host Sacramento State. Of course, as we've seen already, you can't underestimate a FCS team...

4. Utah Utes (1-0): I don't know if Utah is the fourth-best team in the division, but I think their win was more impressive than Arizona's over the Lumberjacks of Northern Arizona. So...

5. Arizona Wildcats (1-0): Hard to get a read on how good the Wildcats are and that might continue this weekend with a trip to Las Vegas to take on the often struggling Rebels.

6. Colorado Buffaloes (1-0): The Buffaloes look much improved under first-year head coach Mike MacIntyre. This week's game against FCS Central Arkansas will be approached with caution, but Colorado should win.

Game of the Week: Washington State @ USC. An early conference clash could decide whether last week's unsuccessful, but solid, trip to SEC country is evidence of positive motion for a long stagnant Wazzu program.