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Utah Football's Odd to win the Pac-12

Bovada has released each teams odds for winning the Pac-12 title.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports has released each Pac-12 teams odds to win both their division championship, and the conference championship. In the Pac-12 South, UCLA remains the odds on favorite to win the division with 5/4 odds. While our Utah Utes are fourth with 33/1 odds to make the Pac-12 title game.

Here are all of the Pac-12 South odds:

UCLA 5/4
USC 7/4
Arizona State 3/1
Arizona 10/1
Utah 33/1
Colorado 50/1

The odds pretty much follow the preseason poll that was released just a week ago. The surprise to me, in the South, is how highly USC is thought of right now. Sure, USC always has talent, but coming off an emotional up and down season, the loss of big name players like Marqise Lee, not to mention their quarterback isn't a world beater, plus a coaching change, it surprises me how much of a favorite they are. Plus, I'm not sure if "Seven Win Sark" will be able to maximize the talent they do have.

It also surprises me that Utah is as far back from Arizona as they are, especially when Arizona is replacing their stud running back Ka'Deem Carey, and their starting quarterback.

As for the conference wide odds, Oregon is on top with 11/10 odds to win the Pac-12, while Utah is at 66/1. Here is how the Pac-12 as a whole stacks up:

Oregon 11/10
UCLA 11/4
USC 5/1
Stanford 6/1
Arizona State 12/1
Washington 14/1
Arizona 25/1
Oregon State 33/1
Washington State 50/1
Utah 66/1
California 200/1
Colorado 200/1

Again, USC is way too over valued, in my opinion. Should they be favored ahead of Stanford? I don't believe so.  Also, it seems Bovada has a lot of confidence in Rich Rod, because Arizona ahead of Oregon State and Washington State, both with returning quarterbacks, is a shocker to me. Utah lands at number 10, which isn't a big surprise overall. Utah has a lot of people that they need to prove themselves to, from the odds makers, to the media, and not to forget, many fans.

However, for me, I may consider putting a couple bucks down on the Utes, because I think people are in for a bit of a surprise this year... but more on that another time.

Here are the Pac-12 North odds, if you were curious, and I would consider putting a dollar or two on Stanford to win the North... because they own Oregon - physically and mentally:

Oregon 1/2
Stanford 13/4
Washington 6/1
Washington State 12/1
Oregon State 14/1
California 50/1