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Game Balls: Utah vs WSU

Who gets a game ball after the WSU loss? Actually, there were bright spots in the gloom.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Just days removed from what some Ute fans are calling "the worst loss" in program history (it's not that serious), and after I have painfully re-watched Utah's loss a couple more times, I somehow found a way to still give out game balls from Saturday's match-up with Washington State. Although the offense was as cold as the weather Saturday night, all was not lost in the way of individual achievement. Yes... yes... I know, a lot of Utes Nation will say that there is no way in Hades that one could find any good in what happened last weekend. However, if you dare to watch the film again, and try to see past the outcome, you may be somewhat surprised.

Offense – Devontae Booker

DB-23 had a huge game on Saturday. Rushing for 174 yards on just 24 carries. Booker's 7.4 ypc average allowed him to secure the number one place on Utah's depth chart this week. While it should be no surprise that Booker has the ability to have these types of games, it was definitely a bright spot last Saturday night.

Defense – Eric Rowe

E-Rowe had himself one hell of a game. Rowe has often been criticized in his new position of DB. The fact is, Rowe has gotten better every week. He played a big part in shutting down Michigan wide receiver Devin Funchess two weeks ago, and Saturday he took his game up one more level. Rowe's interception in the first quarter of last week was fantastic. He showed an improved technique and great hands. Rowe is only going to get better, and he could be great.

Special Teams – Kaelin Clay

I know... I know... He fumbled, but it wasn't on special teams! Kaelin "Cassius" Clay (float like a butterfly, sting like a bee), now has four returns in four weeks. Simply put, he is special. If he stays healthy, Clay will earn his chance to play on Sundays.

As bad as Utah's loss was, it was one game. One game in week four. There are eight games left, and there is still a lot to play for. From the time we spent with the team during fall camp and through these first few weeks, I have learned a couple of things, this team is resilient, strong willed, and united. I can assure Utah fans that they will improve and they will bounce back.