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Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Not as many big matchups this week in the Pac-12 as last week, but there are some intriguing ones. A game that Utes fans should keep an eye on is the Stanford at ASU game. If Utah keeps winning, they will have to be aware of the records of the teams around them, although, Utah does control their own destiny.

Up in Eugene is a heated rivalry game between Oregon and Washington, so count on some fireworks in that game... at least early on. The game that is most interesting to me, other than the Utah game, is the UCLA at Cal game. How will UCLA respond to two consecutive losses at home? While Cal did lose to UW this past week, I expect them to move the ball against UCLA and get some points, the question is will Brett Hundley get any help this week to counter what Cal does?

Anyway, here are our picks for this week:

Utah at OSU UCLA at Cal CU at USC Washington at Oregon Stanford at ASU Record
Shane Utah UCLA USC Oregon Stanford 41-11
Steven Utah Cal USC Oregon ASU 35-17
Alex OSU UCLA USC Oregon Stanford 38-14
Adia Utah UCLA USC Oregon Stanford 40-12
Daniel Utah UCLA USC Oregon Stanford 33-19
Andrew Utah UCLA USC Oregon Stanford N/A
Joseph Utah UCLA USC Oregon ASU N/A
Adam Utah UCLA USC Oregon Stanford N/A

Last week was about as tough of a slate that I've had to pick this season. This week seems a little easier, and it seems that most of us are on the same page. Utah, UCLA, USC, Oregon and Stanford were almost all consensus picks. Alex picked against the Utes, Steven picked Cal and ASU, and Joseph picked ASU as well.

Will this be the week that the Pac-12 goes as predicted, or will the typical madness of unpredictability continue? I know Utah fans hope for the former and not the latter.