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Block U Pac-12 Power Poll: Week 9

The Arizona schools jumped and Stanford took a big dip this week in the Block U Power Poll.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

As October starts to wind down, the weather starts to get colder, and post season aspirations start to take form. For the Block U team, there are some constants, such as Oregon, being the consensus No. 1 team this week.  USC, Utah, ASU and Arizona all are fighting for the next four spots, then Stanford, UCLA and Washington for the next three. Lastly, OSU, Cal, WSU and Colorado have basically settled into their positions on our ballots. Last week was basically the only week that went according to plan, with USC, Oregon and ASU all winning at home, although ASU was an underdog to Stanford.

Here are our individual ballots:

Shane Steven Daniel Alex Adia Andrew Adam
1 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
2 USC Arizona Arizona ASU Utah ASU USC
3 ASU USC Utah USC USC Utah Arizona
4 Utah ASU ASU Arizona Arizona USC Utah
5 Arizona Utah USC Utah UCLA Arizona ASU
6 Stanford UCLA Washington UCLA ASU Stanford UCLA
7 Washington Stanford OSU Stanford Stanford UCLA Stanford
8 UCLA Washington UCLA Washington Washington Cal Washington
9 OSU OSU Stanford OSU OSU Washington OSU
10 Cal Cal Cal Cal Cal OSU Cal
12 Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado Colorado

No major surprises this week in the overall Power Poll.  Take a quick look:

This week Last week
1 1
2 2
3 5
T4 4
T4 7
6 8
7 3
8 6
9 9
10 10
11 11
12 12

Overall, the big winners from this past week are Arizona, even after a bye, and UCLA and ASU, both of whom got big wins to keep in the Pac-12 South race. The big losers were Stanford and Washington. Stanford went to Tempe and couldn't get anything going offensively, and Washington got shellacked by Oregon, again.  The bottom four remain the same, and the top two remain the same. Utah is still floating in the upper third of the conference, but a win this Saturday against USC would vault them up the rankings more I'd expect.

What are your thoughts on this week's power rankings? Who is too high and who is too low? How would you rank all 12 teams? Let us know in the comments below!