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Block U Pac-12 Picks - Week 9

We are a week closer to finding out who will play in the Pac-12 title game.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sport

Finally, a week with all conference games on the slate with all six games being conference tilts. After weeks of pure madness with the road teams dominating the conference matchups, last week returned to normal a little bit with most of the home teams getting the win.

For Ute fans, no doubt the hope is for the trend of home teams winning continues.

Oregon @ Cal UCLA @ Colorado OSU @ Stanford Arizona @ WSU USC @ Utah ASU @ Washington Record
Shane Oregon UCLA Stanford Arizona Utah Washington 45-12
Steven Oregon UCLA Stanford Arizona Utah Washington 39-18
Alex Oregon UCLA OSU Arizona USC ASU 41-16
Adia Oregon UCLA OSU Arizona Utah Washington 44-13
Daniel Oregon UCLA OSU Arizona Utah Washington 37-20
Andrew Oregon UCLA Stanford Arizona Utah ASU 4-1*
Adam Oregon UCLA Stanford Arizona USC ASU 4-1*

After eight weeks of picks, I maintain a one game lead over Adia, while some of the newbies, Andrew and Adam, came on strong their first week (thus the *). Daniel made up some nice ground last week as well.

This week there were clean sweeps with the pick of Oregon, UCLA and Arizona. Most of the staff picked Utah, which is a bit of a surprise, while most of the disagreement was with the OSU/Stanford game, and the ASU/Washington game. I think Stanford will replicate Utah's game plan for OSU, get after Mannion, create turnovers and short fields for their offense. While I think ASU is up for a let down game, and going up to Seattle is as good as any.

The race for the Pac-12 title game heats up another level this weekend. If Utah can get this win, they put themselves in a great position to maybe sneak into that matchup at Levi's Stadium in December.

What do you think of our picks? What are your picks? Let us know in the comments below!