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Block U Pac-12 Power Poll: Week 12

Here is how we rank the Pac-12 teams this week.

George Frey

We're approaching the end of the season, and the Pac-12 isn't as drunk as it was earlier this season, but there are still plenty of big games to be played.

Here is our power poll for this week:

This Week Last Week
1 1
2 2
3 5
4 6
5 3
6 4
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 12
11 10
12 11

Oregon is comforably #1 in our poll still, and this week UCLA made a jump, after getting hot at the right time. UCLA even has an outside chance of getting into the College Football Playoff. The Utes took a dip, because of the slide they're on, but they're not far off of being in the top 3 of the poll. The middle of the poll has remained the same, but the bottom three has shaken up just a little bit. Wazzu jumped a couple of spots after bouncing back last week. OSU is really struggling and dropped a spot, and frankly is almost at the bottom. OSU is really fighting an uphill battle now trying to get bowl eligible. CU reclaims their spot at the #12 position, but are flirting with some success.

I don't anticipate this poll to change too much over the last three weeks of the season, but it will be fun to watch.