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Utes Ranked No. 20 & 22 in newest AP & Coaches Polls

After a tough loss, the Utes remain ranked in both the AP and Coaches Polls.

Ralph Freso

The morning after a loss is a tough one. Especially when it was a hard faught OT loss. As always with Sundays, the new AP and Coaches Polls are out, and even after a loss, Utah didn't drop very much. Last week Utah was No. 18 in both polls, this week Utah is 20th in the AP and 22nd in the Coaches. After losing on the road to a top 15 team, it's nice to see the Utes getting a little respect for that hard loss. Utah is joined still by Oregon, ASU, UCLA and Arizona in the polls. The Utes take on the Ducks next, who are #5 in both polls this week.

Of course, the important poll will be out Tuesday, when the CFP commitee releses their 2nd version of their top-25. It will be very interesting to see where they believe the Utes belong, after ranking them 17th last week.

Anyway, here are the AP and Coaches Polls for this week.

AP Coaches
1 Mississippi State Mississippi State
2 Florida State Florida State
3 Auburn Auburn
4 Alabama Alabama
5 Oregon Oregon
6 TCU Michigan State
7 Michigan State TCU
8 Notre Dame Notre Dame
9 Kansas State Kansas State
10 Baylor Baylor
11 Arizona State Ohio State
12 Ole Miss Arizona State
13 Ohio State Ole Miss
14 LSU Nebraska
15 Nebraska LSU
16 Oklahoma Oklahoma
17 Georgia Georgia
19 Clemson Clemson
20 Utah Duke
21 Arizona Arizona
22 Duke Utah
23 Marshall Marshall
24 West Virginia Wisconsin
25 Wisconsin West Virginia
For a composite Top 25, visit