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Block U Pac-12 Picks: Week 13

Only two regular season games left!

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

With it being the final couple of weeks of the season, there are some key games to be played this weekend. Five teams are still in contention to win the Pac-12 South, and Utah is one of those teams. For them to get to the title game, a lot needs to fall their way.

The biggest game that Utah fans need to worry about tomorrow, outside of their own, is the USC at UCLA game.

Here are our picks for this week.

WSU @ ASU Arizona @ Utah Stanford @ Cal CU @ Oregon USC @ UCLA OSU @ Washington Record
Shane ASU Utah Stanford Oregon UCLA Washington 59-19*
Steven ASU Utah Stanford Oregon USC OSU 53-25*
Adam ASU Utah Stanford Oregon USC Washington 14-3
Alex ASU Utah Stanford Oregon UCLA Washington 50-19
Adia ASU Utah Stanford Oregon UCLA OSU 53-16
Dustin ASU Utah Cal Oregon UCLA OSU N/A

* only Shane and Steve have picked every week.

ASU, Utah, Oregon, and basically Stanford are unanimous picks, except for Dustin taking the Bears to beat Stanford in the Big Game.

The split decisions come with the game in L.A. and up in Seattle. Most of us think UCLA will beat 'SC in the Rose Bowl. I think that because UCLA is in a groove, and the home field will be the difference. As for OSU over UW, that puzzles me a bit, because I expect UW's defense to be on Sean Mannion all game long, just like the Utes were when Utah played in Corvalis.

What are your picks for this week? Let us know!