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Arizona at Utah Open Thread

It's a cold and rainy senior day.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

The final home game of the season, and for the Utah seniors. Today is Ute Proud day, where Utah will also be wearing unique decals on their helmets to commemorate the final home game, and to honor the Ute tribe.

Utah will be going for their 8th win of the season, and to try to remain in contention for the Pac-12 South title. Many fans thought 6 wins was a successful season, and the fact that the Utes are going for wins 8 and 9 the last two weeks, is quite the accomplishment for this program.

The Utes welcome in Arizona and Rich Rodriguez. The high power Wildcat offense is lead by redshirt freshman Anu Soloman at QB. Fortunately for the Utes, it's a cold rainy day, something that teams from Arizona aren't used to. Especially for Soloman, who grew up in Hawaii, went to high school in Las Vegas and now plays in Tucson - cold is foreign to him.

If you can't brave the cold rain, then get warm and join us for our open thread!

Go Utes!