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Block U Pac-12 Picks: Week 14

We pick the final regular season games in the Pac-12.

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports
ASU @ Arizona Stanford @ UCLA Utah @ CU Notre Dame @ USC TDS @ Cal Oregon @ OSU UW @ WSU Record
Shane Arizona UCLA Utah USC Cal Oregon UW 64-20*
Steven Arizona UCLA Utah USC Cal Oregon WSU 56-28*
Daniel ASU UCLA Utah Notre Dame Cal Oregon UW 47-26
Alex ASU UCLA CU USC Cal Oregon UW 55-20
Adia ASU UCLA Utah Notre Dame Cal Oregon UW 57-18
Adam Arizona UCLA Utah USC Cal Oregon UW 18-5
Joseph ASU UCLA Utah USC Cal Oregon WSU 8-3

* only ones to pick every week

There are a couple rivalry games this week, which makes some of these picks tricky. We all picked UCLA, Cal and Oregon unanimously, but there were some mixed picks in the other games.

The hardest one this week to pick is ASU at Arizona. I think both teams are pretty even, but I think with the game being in Tucson, plus I expect Scooby Wright to make some plays, Arizona comes out on top. Alex picks against the Utes in Boulder, an interesting pick. Both Adia and Daniel pick 'SC to lose in LA against Notre Dame. I see the Trojan defense shutting down Notre Dame in that one. Lastly, UW at WSU is a tough one. UW's offense is bad, and the WSU defense isn't good. While UW's defense is really good, and WSU will chuck it all over. Basically, flipping a coin I went with UW in the Apple Cup.

Can UCLA clinch a birth into the Pac-12 title game? Or will one of the Arizona schools sneak in to take on Oregon, for a possible birth into the College Football Playoff? This will be a fun week to sit back and watch!

What are your picks for this weekend?