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Block U Pac-12 Picks: Week 11

The final weeks of the season are upon us! Who will separate themselves in the Pac-12?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going at this week's picks alone, as it seems last weeks results scared off the rest of the team from picking. That's alright, I'm leading anyway, so naturally, these are the right picks (although I really hope I'm wrong on one).

Last week was another crazy week, where Oregon exorcised their Stanford demons, UCLA won a game they'd normally lose, Cal finally won up in Corvallis, and of course Utah lost in OT to ASU. This week is another tough week for a couple picks, but here they are:

Notre Dame @ ASU WSU @ OSU UCLA @ Washington Colorado @ Arizona Oregon @ Utah Record
Shane ASU OSU Washington Arizona Oregon 53-16
Steven Notre Dame OSU UCLA Arizona Utah

The ND @ ASU game was a tough one, mainly because I think ND is good, but I'm not sold on them, especially going into Sun Devil Stadium. OSU at home, I feel good about, I think. With WSU breaking in a new QB, OSU should win the game. Washington is a team full of drama, with QB issues, and now the suspension of a key defensive player, I'm not sure what to think about Washington. But still, they are going against UCLA's o-line, and I don't trust the Bruins to keep Brett Hundley clean, especially in Seattle.  Arizona should roll, CU will be scrappy for a bit, though. And I think Utah can beat Oregon, but I need to see Utah beat Oregon before I'm convinced. If Utah brings an offense to the game, then it could be a fun late night game (again) at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Here we go again, another crazy day and night of Pac-12 football. Let's see if the #Pac12AfterDark hashtag is still big this week, because it's just been flat out drunk most the season.