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Quotes with Ray Guy Award Winner Tom Hackett

Block U spoke with Ray Guy Award winning punter Tom Hackett.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Block U spoke with the Ray Guy Award winner, Utah punter Tom Hackett.

We asked him what it meant to win the prestigious award.

"It’s great. I got to hang out with Ray himself. It’s an honor," said Hackett.

Hackett was able to interact with the man who the award is named after, the 64 year old Ray Guy. Guy was a first round draft pick in the 1973 NFL Draft after playing his college football at Southern Miss.

"We went out for breakfast, and I saw the other finalists. I was on the flight with [Ray Guy]. We got along well, and we got to know each other," said Hackett.

In addition to winning the Ray Guy Award, Hackett was named an All-American. Hackett is however from Australia.

"I don’t really know what it means to be honest [to be an All-American]. I’d rather be All-Australian though," said Hackett.

Hackett converted two fourth downs by running the ball, he would however rather do his primary job, punting rather than running it.

"No, I’d rather punt the ball [than run it]," said Hackett.