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Roundtable Discussion: Utah's Vegas Two Step

We discuss the bowl game against Colorado State and the basketball game versus UNLV.

After a three year absence, the Utes are bowling again, and they're taking on former conference foe Colorado State. In a matchup that is a bit polarizing, by both schools fan bases by the sounds of it, the Utes will be going for their 9th win on the season, while CSU will be going for win 11.

In this episode of the podcast, we put out some of our thoughts and picks on the game.

The prevailing thought in the podcast is that the Utah defense will do what they do, and that's get after the quarterback and limit the opponent's offense. Everyone also thinks that a big advantage for Utah is the fact Utah's coaching staff is a proven staff when it comes to winning bowl games, where on the other side of the ball, CSU's staff is very much in flux. We also make all our picks and some bold predictions, you can also see our picks in our earlier Pac-12 Bowl Picks article.

Of course, the Utes play on the basketball floor just up the road later in the evening. We all think the Utes will also pick up the win against UNLV, as well. And some of us think the win could be lopsided.

Check out the episode, now!