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Utes finalize 2014 recruiting class

The program signs 16 new players.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Two losing seasons may have hampered Utah's recruiting, but it certainly hasn't hurt the optimism from the coaching staff. While Kyle Whittingham was careful to not call this his best class yet, the Utah head coach offered genuine praise for the sixteen kids who signed their letter of intent today.

It's hard to say if this year's class will be able to get it done in the Pac-12. On paper, at least when it comes to rankings, 2014's class regressed quite a bit from the last few - coming in at 68th by Rivals and Scout and 64th by ESPN. But with how the program limped into the final day of the recruiting season, the class feels at least a bit salvaged, especially with the signing of Dacorius Law, who, earlier in the day had reportedly committed to Ole Miss.

All in all, the class is quick and athletic, but it remains to be seen if it addresses every need the team has going forward. It certainly won't blow away the national writers, or even those locally, but that means little to the overall development of talent.

So, it remains to be seen what this year's class will do and whether it's good enough to help bolster a coaching staff that has, undeniably, underperformed the last two seasons.

I'm not blown away by the class, but I feel pretty all right about it. It's a foundation, especially after two abysmal seasons, but Utah can ill afford another losing season or next year's class will falter even more.

Here's a look at Utah's 2014 class.