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Utes to open at St. Mary's in NIT

Utes fall to five-seed in return to postseason play.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Utah basketball, thought to be either a one or two-seed in the NIT, fell to fifth and won't, beyond an upset with Minnesota, host a NIT game this year. They open at St. Mary's of the WCC. If they advance, they could play the number one seeded Gophers on the road.

This is surprising. While Utah's RPI hurt their standing with the Big Dance, dropping to fifth, and falling into the Minnesota bracket, almost dooms 'em to a quick exit from a postseason that could have acted a springboard toward success next year.

But with the Utes' road struggles, it will be a tall order for them to produce any type of memorable run.

While I'm stoked about the possibility of the season continuing, the seeding, and opponent, is a letdown.