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Is Delon Wright returning?

Initially, it sounded like Wright was all but a lock to return for his senior season. Now...?

Ethan Miller

Delon Wright, who had a pretty fantastic season this year, is a surefire draft pick when he eventually makes the leap to the NBA. However, especially with the way the season ended, conventional wisdom suggested he was still a year away from such a proclamation. This idea was cemented when, on twitter, Wright eluded to staying. Tony Jones then confirmed it and all was happy in Uteville!

The problem is that some time between that announcement, and now, Wright deleted his tweets about coming back and threw up some cryptic tweet in response to Diggy Deuce, a NBA Skills Trainer.

Is there something here?

Eh, probably not. I mean, who knows, Wright certainly could make the leap and it wouldn't be unheard of if it he did - but you've got to think another year will help solidify his chances in the Association - especially when he still has work to do as an overall player.

I think he returns and this is nothing more than fans reading way too much into the social media interaction of a player (another reason that maybe coaches should ban twitter). But when you've got a talent like Wright, stranger things have happened.

Clearly, though, if he returns, he has a chance to become a truly special player at Utah. So, let's hope we see him in a Runnin' Utes uniform next year. I expect further clarification on his decision in the coming weeks.