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Fans Get One-Sided Picture at Utes Red-White Spring Football Game

Utah Utes fans were treated to plenty of sunshine and plenty of offense in the annual Red-White Spring Football game Saturday. The offenses combined for 735 yards and eight touchdowns, but with many defensive starters injured or held out of the game, it was a lopsided, albeit entertaining, affair.

In the Red-White Spring Football Game, Utah running back Bubba Poole rushed six times for 19 yards and caught two passes for 82 yards
In the Red-White Spring Football Game, Utah running back Bubba Poole rushed six times for 19 yards and caught two passes for 82 yards
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports
If fans were attending today's Red-White Scrimmage hoping to to get a good view of how things were shaping up on both sides of the ball, today's glimpse was a bit lopsided. With numerous key defensive players sitting this game out, it was the Ute offense putting their skills on display before a crowd of 12,056 as the red team overcame the white in a 28-27 victory.

Utah's large stable of quaterbacks each took a turn on the field as well as some key running backs and receivers showing the crowd what they could do. Running back Devontae Booker had the most spectacular day on the field rushing for 103 yards on 19 carries and two touchdowns for Team White. Wide receiver Dominique Hatfield did his part for the white team as well with four catches for 93 yards and a touchdown.

Projected starter at quarterback junior Travis Wilson was back on the field after ending last season with a brain injury. Wilson had a decent day for the red team, going 7 for 12 for 116 yards and a touchdown. Junior Adam Schultz was under center for the white team and came up with 9 of 13 for 110 yards and a touchdown of his own. Redshirt freshman Conner Manning also took a turn and went 9 for 12 for 86 yards and a score. Brandon Cox may have been the most exciting quarterback to watch showing off his athleticism and mobility on the field for the red team, but he also showed a tendency to turn over the ball with two interceptions that were run back for long returns. The highlight for Cox was a connection with running back Bubba Poole, who took the ball up the field 71 yards.The offenses finished the game combining for a total of 735 yards and eight touchdowns.

The score stayed pretty even throughout the game, with red and white answering scores in both endzones. The white team had a chance to grab the win in the waning moments on a two-point conversion, but running back Dre'Vian Young was dropped for a loss on the final play.

All in all, the Utah football fan faithful were treated not only to look at what this fall might bring, but a true football atmosphere. There was plenty sunshine, a large contingent of tailgaters in the parking lot west of stadium, former Ute football players and student athletes from other Ute teams on the sidelines and a sizeable crowd that continues to grow with each passing year.