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Utah Basketball: Reaction to the transfer of Princeton Onwas

We discuss the transfer of Princeton Onwas.

Out of the blue, Coach K announced this week that Princeton Onwas would not return to the team next season. A move that caught every single one of us off guard. While we expected to see another player leave the team just to make the number of scholarships work, we did not expect to see a major contributor leave. Especially one that is about to be a senior.

At this point nobody is really sure if this was part of the plan, or whether Onwas did something wrong. Did Onwas see writing on the wall with the incoming signing class? Or did he just not like it here? At this point, likely nobody outside of the basketball team knows.

Without a doubt the Onwas transfer is a disappointment; but with the potential talent that Brekkott Chapman and Kyle Kuzma are bringing to the fold, the loss of Onwas may not be felt for long - if at all.

That raises the question, does this put too much pressure on some of these incoming freshmen to contribute immediately? As discussed in the podcast, once you sign your name to a Division-1 scholarship offer, pressure and expectations are placed upon you - fair or not.

Here are a couple of Princeton Onwas highlight plays from this past season: