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Utah basketball player Jeremy Olsen marries Utah volleyball player Chelsey Schofield

A chance meeting at a student-athlete banquet sparked a relationship between Jeremy Olsen and Chelsey Schofield.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The second University of Utah student athletes Chelsey Schofield and Jeremy Olsen announced their engagement, their former coaches started forming a line to make a bid for their future children.

"Our club and AAU coaches already have dibs on our children," said Schofield.

It's no surprise that they are eyeing the opportunity to coach the offspring of these two. Olsen, a six-foot ten-inch center on the Runnin' Utes basketball team, and Schofield, a six-foot one-inch outside hitter on the Utah volleyball team, are a match made in tall people heaven. The two got married on May 2nd, after almost two years of friendship and courtship.

The couple originally met at a student-athlete banquet in August of 2012. Various Utah athletes were randomly assigned to sit at different tables to encourage getting to know new people. Olsen and Schofield were assigned to the same table and wasted no time in forging a friendship. The friendship continued throughout the fall and by January of 2013, they were dating. When the Runnin' Utes went to the Pac-12 Championship Tournament in Las Vegas, so did Schofield to cheer on Olsen.

The relationship continued through the year. The two had similar practice schedules, and would eat and study together afterwards. For awhile, they even double dated, with one of his teammates dating one of her teammates. Things continued to get more and more serious, and finally on December 17th, Olsen decided it was time to put a ring on it.

Schofield's family came up for the event, but she had no idea. Olsen managed to put together a top-secret, movie-perfect proposal that was so romantic that it stunned Schofield.  The couple had often been told they were like Anna and Kristoff from the movie Frozen, so Olsen built the evening around that theme. First, they went and saw the movie Frozen, and then Olsen took Schofield ice skating. They were just having fun on the ice, when the movie's theme song started playing, and Olsen pulled Schofield to the middle of the rink. At the end of the movie, the couple ends up together, but the audience never knows how it ends. Well, Olsen provided an ending to their own love story by proposing right in the center of the rink.  Schofield made it the perfect ending by saying, "Yes."

"It was romantic," Schofield gushed. "Jeremy isn't all that romantic and clever, but that was perfect."

Olsen told her, "I have no regrets. That was the most perfect engagement ever."

As for those future children, they will take the wait and see approach - at least with one parent. Schofield is fine with whatever her children will want to do, and whatever sport they want to play. She grew up playing many sports, and only stuck with volleyball when it became evident that it was the sport that would give her a college scholarship.

"I played five different sports," she said.

Olsen, on the other hand, is all about hoops. He's okay with his girls doing any sport, but he wants his boys to play basketball like he did.

"He says our boys will definitely play basketball," laughed Schofield.

Makes sense, considering their boys could be knocking on the door of seven feet by the time they stop growing.

But before babies, comes the marriage and the couple couldn't wait for the big day. And it was definitely a "big" day, as in very "big and tall." The wedding took place in the Draper Temple, with a reception at Schofield's parents' home in Provo afterwards.  The wedding reception was no doubt a tall person's paradise. All of their teammates were invited. Both come from families chock full of people over six feet, and of course their coaches at the University of Utah, and from their years growing up were invited - and generally members of the Six-Foot Plus Club themselves.

These two are giving a whole new meaning to "Big Love," and hopefully their love and lives to together will just keep growing.

Many congratulations to the newly weds!