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Utah Football: Keith McGill signs with Raiders - DJ Law going to JC

Keith McGill, 4th round pick by the Raiders, signs a contract, and DJ Law's saga takes another turn... but to a JC.

McGill signed a 4-year contract with the Raiders Friday
McGill signed a 4-year contract with the Raiders Friday
Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

From JC, to highly touted recruit, to a safety at the U, to settling in at corner, to signing a 4-year deal just under $2.7 million with the Oakland Raiders, Keith McGill has taken a busy road to the NFL. McGill was a 4th round pick in this past NFL Draft, joining the likes of Eric Weddle, Sean Smith, Robert Johnson, and Brice McCain as some of the most recent Utah defensive backs in the NFL. McGill during his time at Utah played in 17 games, had 49 tackles, 13 pass defenses, and one pick-six.

The saga of 2014 football signee, running back DJ Law, is taking another turn. Initially on signing day Law signed three letters-of-intent, one with Utah, one with Ole Miss, and another with a JuCo. After drama with some family members, Ole Miss eventually released him from his LOI to become a Ute, like Law actually desired. Friday it was announced that Law didn't qualify academically to come to Utah out of high school, so he has to go to the JC that he signed with. It's unclear if Law will ever be a Ute - the odds are certainly against it at this point. DJ Law was one of the signees out of Florida, a state that Utah has finally broken into on the recruiting trail.

Certainly the loss of Law is a disappointment, but it appears with Devontae Booker, Troy McCormick and Bubba Poole, depth at running back is just fine. Although it was rumored that Law may end up at defensive back.