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Reviewing the first two weeks of the football season

We discuss the first two weeks of the season, and what we've seen up to now.

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Two games down, and two victories under Utah's belt. The ultimate goal for this Utah football team is to get to six wins, get bowl eligible, and they find themselves 33% of the way to that goal, although they did last season as well. Even though Utah hasn't had the most difficult of competition the first two games of 2014, they have taken care of business and have done so more convincingly than some fans expected.

In this episode of The U Fan Cast, we discuss what has stood out to us so far this year. For Daniel, it's been the weapons at quarterback Travis Wilson's disposal. Whether it is Devontae Booker or Bubba Poole in the back field, or Kenneth Scott, Dres Anderson and Westlee Tonga on the outside, there is no shortage of options for Wilson to get the ball to. Daniel specifically points out the return of Kenneth Scott to the offensive side of the ball, and the consistency he brings to that side of the ball. Daniel also points out that he may be the most dangerous receiver on the field.

Shane points that he has seen week one to week two improvements. He has really liked seeing the improvements from the offensive line, especially the mobility of the line. He also points out the improvement from the Idaho State game to the Fresno game and how much better the defensive line was, completely shutting down Fresno's rushing attack. He also liked the improvement he saw from the secondary, although there is still some progress to be had there. The insertion of Dominique Hatfield and Justin Thomas into the starting lineup against Fresno really helped contain the Bulldogs passing attack.

Alex has been a fan of the adjustments from week-to-week. He specifically points out the adjustments that was made in the lineup and game plan going from game one to game two from the defensive front. He also is a fan of the offensive adjustments, including how much more aggressive the team is in the pass game during the first two downs in a series.

For Steven, it's about how impressive the Utes have won their games. He points out the starters haven't played an entire game just yet. While they aren't playing the most impressive of competition, they are completely rolling over them. It's also pointed out that Wilson leads the Pac-12 in QBR and is 2nd in the country is pass efficiency. Wilson is playing aggressively, but is also playing smart not having any interceptions.

Overall, high marks through the first two weeks of the season. We discuss all those topics and much more in this episode of The U Fan Cast.