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Block U Pac-12 Power Poll: Week Four

After a weekend of quarterbacks getting injured for some Pac-12 favorites, the power rankings have been shaken up this week.

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Some Pac-12 teams are learning the fact that losing your starting quarterback is a scary, and possibly daunting thought. With UCLA and ASU both losing their quarterbacks due to injury, albeit with varying time frames, the power ranking have been flipped on their head this week. UCLA's Brett Hundley left the Texas game with an elbow injury, but is expected to be back later this week. Arizona State's QB, Taylor Kelly, suffered a foot injury and is out for an undisclosed amount of time, but is expected to miss at minimum the UCLA game in a week and a half. Those two injuries, plus some performances around the league gave us the most diverse Pac-12 power poll we've had yet!

Here are our individual ballots for this week:

Shane Steven Alex Adia Daniel
1 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
2 Stanford Washington ASU UCLA Arizona
4 Arizona Arizona Stanford Stanford Stanford
5 UCLA ASU Washington Arizona ASU
7 Washington Utah Arizona Utah USC
8 USC Stanford OSU Washington Washington
9 OSU Cal Utah Cal OSU
10 Cal OSU Cal OSU Cal
11 WSU Colorado Colorado Colorado WSU
12 Colorado WSU WSU WSU Colorado

First off, yes I have Utah up to No. 3 in my power poll this week. With the two quarterbacks going down and USC's pathetic performance back east, I leap frogged both Utah and Arizona over those three teams this week. I feel at this point in time, both of those teams are better than the other three. That can change drastically week-to-week, thus why it's a power poll. Steven didn't punish USC as much as I did, which is curious. Alex didn't go as homer on Washington, especially compared to Steven. Adia went rather conservative, while Daniel sky rocketed Arizona up the standings.

Here is the Block U Overall Power Poll for week four:

Team Last Week
1 1
2 6
3 5
4 3
5 4
6 2
7 10
8 7
9 T-8
10 T-8
11 12
12 11

The big winner this week is definitely Arizona, vaulting up to No. 2. USC took the biggest dive, by swapping with Arizona and dropping from No.2 to No. 6. Oregon stayed No. 1, and by a mile, while Wazzou and CU continue to flip-flop 11 and 12.

What are your thoughts on our week three rankings? Are we close? Which team(s) do we have over/underrated?

Let us know in the comments!