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Block U Pac-12 Picks: Week Four

After a boring week three, we dive into a much more interesting week four!

Bob Stanton-USA TODAY Sports

Week four is when things start to get fun for the Utes, with the trip to Michigan. Not only that, but Pac-12 play is really starting to pick up. Here are our picks for the Pac-12 games for week four.

Hawaii @ Colorado Utah @ Michigan Georgia St. @ Washington Cal @ Arizona SDSU @ OSU Oregon @ Washington St

Shane Colorado Utah Washington Arizona OSU Oregon

Steven Colorado Michigan Washington Arizona OSU Oregon

Adia Colorado Utah Washington Arizona OSU Oregon

Alex Colorado Michigan Washington Arizona OSU Oregon

Daniel Hawaii Utah Washington Cal OSU Oregon


This week was interesting to pick, with a couple swing games. There are two games that stand out to me that I wavered on with my picks. One is Cal at Arizona, where no defense will be played... at all. I wouldn't necessarily be surprised if Cal won, because I think they'll throw for 500 yards on Arizona, but home field won out. I also gave pause to Hawaii at Colorado. I think Hawaii could beat CU, but with it being on the main land, and at altitude, I think CU gets the win. And Washington continues the gauntlet of tough opponents with Georgia State, what is this an SEC preseason schedule? I'm also curious if Rocky Long's defense at SDSU can put a scare into Oregon State. No doubt there are some interesting games this week across the conference.

The Utah pick got staggered between the staff, although Steven picked Michigan to avoid a jinx, like a true fan... I think. Alex and Adia basically played it safe by picking all of the home teams. Daniel went out on the limb, just how I was thinking, and may come out a big winner this week.

What are your picks? Do you see any upsets this week in the Pac-12? Let us know below!