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Utah vs Idaho State: Game Balls

We give out game balls for our top performers from the Idaho State game.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

On another sold-out opening night at Rice-Eccles Stadium, Utah went out did what they were supposed to do - win. They not only won, they won big, and aside from some questions in the defensive backfield, they dominated in every aspect of the game. So now that the college football season is underway, let's give out some game balls from the ISU game.

Offensive Game Ball - Travis Wilson

Wilson's story is well known, and seeing him back under center was great. To see him execute the offense with no mistakes was the icing on the cake. I mentioned last week that Wilson needed to be efficient and take care of the ball, and he did just that. He threw for 265 yards on just 13 pass attempts, and had 14.7 yards per attempt. He didn't force any throws and made smart decisions, and best of all, he didn't turn the ball over. Wilson was not timid at all, and seemed to be on a mission throughout the first half. Although it was Idaho State, Wilson was precise. Welcome back!

Defensive Game Ball - Nate Orchard

Orchard completely dominated the first three series of this game finishing with 2.5 sacks. He was in a four-point stance the majority the first half. This means he had his ears pinned back and was on a seek and destroy mission. The one issue I had with Orchard on Thursday night was that his unrelenting bull rush caused him to over-persue at times, opening up the run game for Idaho State. He'll have to play a little smarter next week.

Special Teams - Kaelin Clay

Speed Incarnate - that's what Clay brings to this Utah team, and that's what Utah will need to survive this beast of a schedule. In his first game as a Ute, Clay earned himself Pac-12 Special Teams Player of The Week and CBS Sports Special Teams Player of The Week honors. It's only fitting that he gets the more prestigious Block U game ball to cap it off, right? Welcome to Utah, young man. Here's to many more!