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Utah @ Michigan Open Thread

Utah returns to the scene where the 2008 perfect season kicked off, Ann Arbor, Mich, where they hope to start the 2014 season 3-0.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Utah has rolled to a 2-0 start, with massive wins over less than stellar competition. Coming off of a bye week, Utah should be refreshed and healthy. Utah linebacker Gionni Paul will be making his anticipated debut against the Wolverines. The Miami transfer is expected to replenish some depth at linebacker, and provide a calming influence to the middle of the field.

Utah's offense has gotten off to a good start this season, by scoring 59 and 56 points in their first two games this season. They look to take the show on the road, and do what they haven't been good at for the last couple of years, play well on the road. With a healthy, more mature Travis Wilson, and more weapons, this may be the breakout road performance Ute fans have been craving.

Michigan is coming off a less than impressive win versus Miami(OH), after getting run over by Notre Dame 31-0. The Wolverines may be without playmaking wide receiver Devin Funchess, but nobody will know for sure until kickoff. If the Wolverines are without Funchess, their primary offensive threat is gone.

Michigan is a wounded team, which can be scary, but if they have a weak offensive line, then Utah may be primed to go into the Big House and get the win.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the Utes on ABC take on Michigan in front of 100,000+ people at the Big House - and while you're at it, let's chat about what's going on.

Go Utes!