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Utah leads Michigan 13-10 at half

After a tough first half, with a couple highlights for the Utes, including a Kaelin Clay 66 yard punt return for a touchdown, Utah leads 13-10 at half versus the Wolverines of Michigan. One of the biggest stories of the first half is the injury to Travis Wilson. Wilson went down with a head injury after trying to get some extra yards on a broken play. His status right now is unknown.

Kendal Thompson in relief has been up and down, with the down being a pick six to a defensive lineman. He did manage to lead the Utes down the field at the end of the half for the field goal to take the lead.

Defensively the Utes have done well containing Michigan. Outside of Gardiner to Funchess, the Michigan offensive attack has been nonexistent. And finally Utah got a pick when Brian Blechen intercepted a tipped ball.

Here are some half time stats:


Travis Wilson: 7/9 for 92 yards.

Kendal Thompson: 4/7 for 33 yards and one interception.

Michigan's Devin Gardiner: 8/17 for 100 yards and one interception.


Devontae Booker: 6 rushes for 23 yards.

Bubba Poole: 2 for 0 yards

Kendal Thompson: 8 for -17


Poole: 2 for 66 yards

Kenneth Scott: 4 for 21 yards

Dres Anderson: 2 for 14 yards

Michigan's Devin Funchess: 4 for 82 yards.

Total offense:

128 yards for Utah

173 yards for Michigan