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Utah leads 26-10 in 4th - in weather delay

Utah has started to assert themselves in the game versus Michigan. Utah's defense has three interceptions on the day, which matches all of last season. The newbies on the team, Gionni Paul, Tevin Carter, Tim Patrick, and I'll throw Brian Blechen into that mix, have been awesome today. Plenty of big hits and turnovers, primarily caused by Paul and Carter.

Travis Wilson has returned in the second half and played well, being very efficient in the throw game, as well as picking up huge yards in the running game.

As for special teams, it's been a special day thus far. Starting with Kaelin Clay and his antics returning punts, including one touchdown, and a big return of only 20 yards which kept Utah out of the shadow of the end zone. And Automatic Andy Phillips has been nails. He's 4-of-4 today, with his latest coming from 50 yards out in windy conditions.

This game is almost over, now Utah just needs to finish the game. After the Tevin Carter pick to give the ball to Utah, the game should resume with Utah having the ball.