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Block U Pac-12 Power Poll: Week Three

Some major shake ups in the Block U Power Poll for week three!

USC takes over the #2 spot in the Block U Power Poll in week 3.
USC takes over the #2 spot in the Block U Power Poll in week 3.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Week two provided some great match ups, with Stanford going down to USC, and Oregon beating Michigan State in a top 10 matchup. There were also some disappointments with Washington State losing to Nevada, and some close calls with UCLA, Arizona, CU, Washington and Oregon State almost losing to lower division/conference foes.

Here are our individual ballots for this week:

Shane Steven Alex Adia Daniel
1 Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon Oregon
3 Stanford Stanford ASU Stanford Stanford
5 UCLA Arizona UCLA Arizona UCLA
6 Utah UCLA Arizona ASU Utah
7 Arizona Utah OSU Utah Arizona
8 Cal Cal Utah Washington Washington
10 Washington Washington Washington OSU Cal
11 Colorado Colorado Colorado WSU Colorado
12 WSU WSU WSU Colorado WSU

Here is the Block U Overall Power Poll for week three:

Team Last Week
1 1
2 3
3 2
4 5
5 4
6 6
7 T-7
T-8 T-7
T-8 10
10 9
11 12
12 11

The big gainers this week are USC, who leap frogged Stanford after beating them in an awesome, defensive showdown on Saturday, also Cal, who beat Sac State to go 2-0 on the season. Oregon, for the first time this season, is the consensus #1 team in the Block U power poll. UCLA continues their slide, after another poor performance versus Memphis, as does UW and OSU. I feel like UCLA may be one bad loss away from completely coming apart. Colorado actually moves up in the poll, but basically only because Washington State has started the season 0-2 with two bad losses. Frankly, it looks like Oregon and everyone else after that. This conference season is going to be nuts and totally unpredictable.

What are your thoughts on our week three rankings? Are we close? Which team(s) do we have over/underrated?

Let us know in the comments!