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Utah Football Unveils White Helmet

After years of speculation, Utah has unveiled their new white helmet.

Utah Athletics

Utah finally unveiled the alternate white helmet that has been rumored for at least a couple of years. Back in 2007, when I was an equipment manager for the football team, I saw a conceptual white helmet that was proposed but didn't go through, for whatever reason. That concept was very similar to the one that was released to the public today.

The white helmet joins the black alternate, and the traditional red helmet. The white helmet may debut against Michigan, with white jerseys and pants. Now the Utes can have any combination of white, black and red from head to toe.

If people remember just a few years ago before the Utes unveiled their black out jerseys, there was quite an uproar among fans whether they should have the black jerseys or not. Now Utah has multiple helmets, and they've used various versions of the black out jersey (Wounded Warrior), and the drum and feather on the helmet (red, white and blue). As you can see in the YouTube video where they unveiled the white helmet, players love this stuff, and that's a great reason to do things like this.