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Block U Week 5 Pac-12 Picks

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

In the preseason a couple of these matchups would have been massive games, especially with ASU/UCLA and Arizona/Stanford. Now ASU and Arizona are playing for their lives, as both have conferences losses, and another loss is something you can't take this early in the conference season. After last season's game between Wazzu and Cal, everyone wants to know if we can get an encore.

Here are our picks for the week.

WSU @ Cal ASU @ UCLA Oregon @ CU Arizona @ Stanford

Shane Cal UCLA Oregon Stanford

Alex Cal UCLA Oregon Stanford

Adam Cal UCLA Oregon Stanford

Joseph Cal UCLA Oregon Arizona

Daniel Cal UCLA Oregon Stanford


This week, we're all pretty much on the same page, except for one game. Joseph believes Arizona will bounce back and beat Stanford on the Farm this weekend. I don't see that happening, especially without Scooby Wright.

What are your picks? Are we close?