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Block U Week 6 Pac-12 Picks

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Not the most attractive week of Pac-12 games. Of course, the Utah/Cal game is the high profile game of the week, but not much outside of that. One game that could be interesting is the Wazzu/Oregon game, especially if you like offensive football, because there's going to be no defense played in that game.

Here are our picks for the week.

UW @ USC OSU @ Arizona WSU @ Oregon CU @ ASU Cal @ Utah Record
Shane USC Arizona Oregon ASU Utah
Alex USC Arizona Oregon ASU Utah
Adam USC Arizona Oregon ASU Utah
Joseph USC Arizona Oregon CU Utah
Daniel USC Arizona Oregon CU Utah

Overall, this week, we are on the same page with our picks, however, Joseph and Daniel go out and take an upset pick with the CU at ASU game, both of whom are taking CU. I think CU is getting closer, but I don't see them going on the road and beating ASU, they still have a lot of issues to figure out.

What are your picks? Are we close?