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Podcast: Hard fought Washington win and a big game against Arizona

Jennifer Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

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Here's a quick synopsis of the episode:

The Utes got out of Washington with a win, which was all we wanted to see, even if it was ugly at times. We chat about what it took get get the win. Defensively, it was all about Gionni Paul and those takeaways. The Utes defense allowed some drives and some yards, but toughened up when it really counted. As for the offense, it went about the way we expected it. The offense wasn't flashy, but they weren't really that bad. It was a tough defense, and Utah stuck to Devontae Booker and he eventually wore down the Husky defense.

We also preview the game against Arizona, another huge show down. We give a couple simple keys to win this game. Stay disciplined on defense, because Arizona will pop some yards on offense, they're very good offensively, but also keep giving the ball to Booker on offense, because their defense is bad. Without Scooby Wright, this defense doesn't have one of those outstanding playmakers, and he covered up a lot of bad things for the Wildcats last season.

To hear more in depth conversations on the above topics and more, give this episode a listen.